Saturday, 7 April 2012

The World is your Aubergine!

Are you bored of eating always the same?

Changes in your life shouldn’t be feared they should be sought and embraced. For all food/animal lovers who are still eating meat most days, I would like to introduce something different and fun to do.

I am pleased to launch “The Vegetarian Week” or ("The Pescatarian Week" for beginners). HORRAY! Basically, as the name suggests pick a start date for your vegetarian week. You can do it with your flatmates, partner, friend, neighbour or for the brave on your own!
Homemade dish cooked by Kata, 2012.
Being a veggie is not just putting an egg between two pieces of bread. The world is your aubergine! So the idea is to research and plan new ways of preparing your food. For example, try to imitate that lovely healthy recipe that you tried in that restaurant one time. Nowadays, we have amazing sources of information out there, library books, magazines, newspaper; or see Change4Life for inspiration. Or look for ideas online, Google the name of your favourite vegetable followed by “Recipe”. There are options everywhere, or ask a veggie friend.

There are lots of reasons to be a vegetarian; religious beliefs, respect for animals, health and doing something different and fun. Whatever your motivation, I guarantee the results will be tangible. For instance, I have tried this with my partner, and our energy levels were boosted. We were more efficient in all we did that week, including work, study and sport. this can be your change for life. We will be doing it again soon and it is great to think how many animals’ lives will be saved (in our case it can be up to 3 full free range chickens a week!) For more information about Raystede's work with chickens please click here!

Representating chickens from all around the world, the Raystede hens want to say " cluck cluck  a BIG Thank You" This is a good opportunity for you to discover the benefits yourself and keep me posted!

Thank you!
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Kata a Blogger for Raystede.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Good for The Heart!

On the 15th April 2012
The 3rd Brighton Marathon starts at 9:00 am in Preston Park (Brighton)

Let’s support Paul Mason who is running a full 26 mile marathon for Raystede, with a secure donation JustGiving. So far we have raised £135, but the target is £500 – so get sponsoring! And don’t forget to use Gift Aid.
Raystede is one of the 6 official local charities participating in the Brighton Marathon.
What is so special about Raystede compared to other animal charities is that they are focused on being proactive, anticipating the problem from the heart of the solution working on Education…Teaching the small ones (and the BIG ones) about animal welfare - we all have a lot more to learn. more information? Click here!

By doing this you will help to find happy families for the pets and rehabilitate them.Run! Paul Run!!!IIf you are inspired by Paul or the charity, why not run for Raystede in the Brighton Marathon next year. You just have to secure your place and Contact Raystede

Thank you!
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Kata a Blogger for Raystede.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The “Louis dog” story… a MASSIVE Pet Fostering Experience.

Brighton beach, UK.
Once upon a time…when I decided to be a Pet fosterer…Well I had agreed to receive a Bull Mastiff called “Louis”. It was a Monday morning (I think) about 10 am. I had a call from the fosterer coordinator just 30 min before she arrived. She just said “Hello… blah, blah, blah…we will be arriving in two cars”, Then I thought “Ohh Jesus, #@!!% TWO CARS???” What type of animal is she delivering? Well, she had talked about the size, and I had seen photos of hairy Louis, but well, I was expecting a normal sized animal. Anyway…(after the longest 30 minute wait of my life) finally I heard the buzzer…
Then, like something out of “Jurassic Park”, I heard the sound of big feet banging up the stairs, BANG! BANG! I was preparing myself for the worst! A dog the size of a mammoth or something like that. I managed to open the door despite my trembling hands and then I saw his wrinkly face angled to the left as if to say hello…and then I fell in love for ever. Sigh! Louis was the perfect dog from the beginning… walking on the beach, playing with the sea foam (the dog, not me!).
However, I do have to say he wasn’t always so well behaved. He once ate a whole PINEAPPLE, a wooden spoon and a saucepan in one sitting. I also took him to the vet to get his vaccinations, micro chipped and neutered (not so much fun for him, of course). As a result of the time I spent with Louis, he became healthier and happier (and me as well, after walking twice a day every day, you sure get fitter!). I am sure this was a source of comfort to his owner when I gave him back after three happy months. whant to start a Foster carer?

...So, at this point you will probably be asking yourself, how big was he? Well judge for yourselves.

Thank you!
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Kata a Blogger for Raystede.